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Photo Gallery

A custom 25-06 built on a Springfield Reciever.

A custom 25-06 built on a Springfield receiver with a Elk Ridge Stock.

Ruger M-77 MKII

This is a custom Ruger M-77 MKII chambered for 280 Rem. The stock is one that I hand built. The barrel is a Douglas Premium Match and the muzzle brake is one of my own design.

Custom Mauser I replaced the stock on.

This rifle is a custom Mauser built by another gunsmith that I had the pleasure of replacing the stock for one that was broken in an accident on a horseback hunt. This stock is an Elkridge rollover style.

Mauser Left Side

The rifle pictured above is one I built up on a Ruger reciever. It features a 26" Shilen barrel, Elkridge snow tiger laminated stock and a Lauer Finish on the metal.

A 22-250 Ackley Improved on an Remington 700 Action
The left hand view of the 250 Ackley

This rifle has a Montana Rifleman barrel, Holland's recoil reducer, Tubb's recoil lug and a Choate Varmint Stock with a Lauer Finish.

PT 92PT 92

A Taurus PT 92 in Trijcon Dark Earth

Stag AR15 MOD8

A Stag Arms Mod 8 in Trijicon Dark Earth dress.

P226 Bottom

This is a Sig 226 that I refinished in Matte Black. It had some "home made" issue numbers on it that I removed.